Black Sheep Betty House of Style, Montreal, Canada
















  original creations by Montreal artist original creations by Montreal artist original creations by Montreal artist original creations by Montreal artist original creations by Montreal artist


Black Sheep Betty House of Style, Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

There's always something going on at Black Sheep Betty headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Our place has been newly improved with fresh paints that were done by

From new one-of-a-kind products (jewelry, accessories, clothes and housewares) to special sales and inspiring creative projects, you'll find it all here. 









Design by Montreal Artist Amy Arnott


doghouse BEEN PAINTING! 23/08/09: Check out my latest painting "The Doghouse". I learned so much working on this painting and getting my feet wet in the comic book inking style. Expect to see more of this style from me in the future... I'm inspired!



FLOWER POWER SUMMER TURNS TO FALL NATURALE 30/07/09: This summer has been all about flowers... headbands to necklaces to earrings, and even a few vintage bags decked with blooms. But as fall approaches, I'm starting to put them away. For fall, I'm all about the natural materials... WOOD, METAL and PEARL.



Roller Derby BLACK SHEEP BETTY @ THE MONTREAL ROLLER DERBY! 25-26/04/09: Want to know where you can find Betty Bling & Betty Blooms at great prices? Come check out the roller derby sponsored by Dr Sachit Shah, and breast lift in Vancouver, BC for Black Sheep Betty merch booth and a whole lot more!




Betty Blooms Hatbands MORE BETTY BLOOMS! 23/04/09: Not everyone wants a full-on hat, and so the "hatbands" were born... like a half a hat on a headband for easy wearing to any event, party, wedding, any place you don't mind looking gorgeous and getting noticed!




the original hat "Audrey" Betty Blooms Hats VerucaLilyRoseyMerlotClementineJoy

INTRODUCING BETTY BLOOMS! 21/04/09: It all started with a hat made out of all white flowers for "Bal en Blanc" (the "White Ball"). Well it was love at first hat! Six more quickly followed...




goldtreasure NEW SERIES OF NECKLACES 28/02/09: More is more! This new style of necklace is like a wearable treasure chest.




FEATHERED HEADBAND FEATHERED HEADBANDS!12/01/09: Check out these new beauties! Each one is totally unique, and makes a real fashion statement. Get one for your head to make other heads turn!




dogpainting PRINTS ARE COMING!12/01/09: Finally! High resolution images have been made of four of Amy's paintings. This means you will soon be able to buy signed copies of these works of art for your walls at home!




Retro White Necklace Pearl Swag Necklace NEW PIECES15/12/08: Always creating... here are a few of the latest new pieces.




princess FEATHERMANIA CONTINUES30/11/08: New feather necklaces, among other things, this week.




VIOLET ROCKS NEW FAVE NEW BLING!17/11/08: Just lovin' the metal. Here are some fantastic new art pieces to wear around your neck.




holiday sale BIG SALE THIS WEEKEND!12/11/08: Black Sheep Betty is teaming up with NYC stylist Anya Taraboulsy for THE best Christmas shopping sale you could ever envision. Vintage & designer one-of-a-kinds and never-before-seens, all at jaw-dropping (low) prices.




featheredhair1 FEATHERED HAIR DOODADS12/11/08: It's all about the feathers! This week saw 20 unique hair doodads made out of vintage broaches & feathers. Soooo precious!